Rapier Technology

The jack of
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EWM 80-1750 R

The incredibly versatile Flexible Rapier is now more powerful than ever. It features the second generation R9500 ITEMA base loom with direct-drive, currenty the most energy efficient rapier weaving machine on the market1. Pairing it with our renowned Vaupel superstructure, patented 6mm Label Cutting System and the highly efficient Stäubli Jacquard machine, our most popular Rapier becomes the perfect user-friendly do-it-all label weaving machine.

EWM 90-140 DDS

Vaupel Compact Superstructure
for a space-saving and economical setup.

Up to 8 Repeats
Giving you the maximum of producivity for woven labels.

Up to 700 picks/min
— high speed and high reliability.

Up to 120 picks/cm
achieve High-Definition with even the most challenging material.

Stäubli Jacquard Machines
SX, LX and LXL.
Even the biggest Jacquards can be used on Vaupel Machines.

Taffet, Semi-Satin & Satin
can be used allowing for full flexibilty in your machine setup.

Drive Systems

Direct Drive System (DDS)

EF/T System

The DDS series is based on the patented Dornier SyncroDrive®. This low-maintenance drive system without a clutch-brake unit is characterised by extremely low speed variations and therefore achieves unparalleled speeds. Both the base machine and the Jacquard machine are individually driven by a servo motor.

The EF/T series is based on the CompactDrive by Dornier. This ultra low-maintenance drive system with a clutch-brake unit can run reliably at stable production speeds even with heavy pattern changes or Jacquard machines with hugh numbers of lifting hooks.

We only use
the most powerful
Jacquard machines

Stäubli SX image


The Stäubli Standard electronic Jacquard machine produces ecxellent results in the form of of terry cloth, upholstery, tapestry, silk fabric, apparels or seat covers, and technical fabrics on all types of air jet and rapier weaving machines.

The Jacquard machine SX is available in two formats:
1408 hooks or 2688 hooks.


Stäubli electronic Jacquard machines LX, LXL are ideal for weaving flat fabrics, terry cloth and technical fabrics on all types of air-jet and rapier looms.

The Jacquard machine LX is available in four formats:
3,072 / 4,096 / 5,120 / 6,144 hooks

The Jacquard machine LXL is available in five formats:
6,144 / 8,192 / 10,240 / 12,288 / 14,336 hooks

*Information taken from Stäubli.

Stäubli LX image
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1 Information taken from ITEMA product description.
(Vaupel Group does not take responsibility for the
validity of this information)